Sedenak Iskandar Data Hub
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    SIDH is envisioned to be a world class Data Centre hub. To achieve this, it is vital to have a Masterplan that caters specifically for data centre industry, to ensure the right infrastructure and ecosystem are available to attract and spur the growth of data centre.

    No.Land UseArea
    1Large DC Plots35147
    4Main Drain415
    5Retention Pond456
    6Open Space7570
    7Power Line557

    In the Final Master plan, the Anchor DC parcels are kept at 100ac and 93.6 ac for the southern one. A Smaller DC parcel is introduced within the DC cluster to provide flexibility to investors in choosing either the large 100ac site or a smaller 57 ac site. The master plan expands upon the road layout from the previously approved KM submission plan and distributes the DC parcels to fit within the framework.


    With the 40m road along the powerline catering to high traffic flow connecting SIDH to the JCorp’s overall 7000ac master plan, it is envisioned as a green boulevard with minimal entry/exit points into the DC cluster. The boulevard does not provide access to the DC cluster, thus avoiding any clash of DC traffic and overall development’s traffic. The DC cluster road forms a separate secured loop catering only to the DC plots. Four security check points control the traffic coming into the DC cluster, thus securing it and making it accessible only to authorized visitors or personnel.


    With the DC parcels fixed, 52ac of Commercial parcels are provided along the eastern side of the Boulevard to cater to light industries and commercial land use.


    One major commercial parcel of 32.6ac, located at the southern corner of the site, will host the MSC Malaysia Cybercentre designated building in direct connection with the existing main road linking to the N/S Freeway.


    The master plan proposes to run the 40m wide main drain along the existing path which separates the site in two portions. Three different retention ponds are distributed on site according with the topography of the ground and in order to take advantage of the natural flow of water. Also, the STP is placed adjacent the central retention pond.


    The telecom MDF (Main Distribution Frame) has two locations: one at the entry to the DC cluster in the Utility Expansion plot, and an other along the upper portion of the Boulevard, where the Fiber is passing by.


    Additionally, 36.2 ac of land has been reserved for a future cogen facility in the plot directly adjacent to the PMU.


    • Two 100 ac DC Parcels, one 93.6 ac DC Parcel & One 57 ac Smaller DC Parcel
    • The 93.6 ac DC plot can be further divided into smaller plots.
    • Efficient Layout
    • Anchor parcel power connections closest to source of power
    • Distributed retention ponds on site
    • Large representative commercial plot at the south corner creates an added entry feature and gateway for the site

    There are three Anchor DC parcels, two of them of 100 ac and one of 93.6 ac. The 100 ac plots are positioned centrally, in between the main entrance roads into the site. The remaining 93.6 ac DC plot is placed towards the south-west corner of the site, adjacent to the main drain and close to the water infrastructure.


    A smaller 57ac DC plot is placed at the north west corner. The remaining portion of the site is filled with the commercial parcels along the eastern side of the Boulevard.


    The High Traffic Road connecting the SIDH site to the larger context of JCorp’s 7000 ac plan is kept free of the DC traffic.


    The DC access road follows the plots on either side and is secured at 4 points within the SIDH. This is to provide the additional layer of security to the traffic entering and exiting the DC plots.


    The planned main drain follows its natural path crossing the site along the 40m data center cluster road. Three large retention ponds are strategically dispersed at the north of the site, in the middle and at the south corner which capture the water along the main drain, which flows on either end of the site.

    Plot Usage

    Blue & Green Infrastructure

    Overall Usage

    Circulation & Security Overview

    Infrastructure plot areas, sizing and locations are subject to change based on detailed engineering design inputs. The lines do not indicate the actual location of the infrastructure but are conceptual routing

    Total Power Requirement

    Total Max Demand (MW)Total Max Demand (MWA)
    TOTAL POWER REQUIREMENT411.7324.35381.58
    1Large DC Plots350.6315.00370.58
    kW / AcreTotal Load (MWA)Coincident / DFMax Demand (MW)Supply VoltageSubstationBuilding Size
    1Anchor DC Plot 1100900.090.0001.0090.00132 kVPMU1 acre
    2Anchor DC Plot 2100900.090.0001.0090.00132 kVPMU1 acre
    3DC Plot 357789.545.0001.0045.00132 kVPMU1 acre
    4DC Plot 493.6961.590.0001.0090.00132 kVPMU1 acre
    5Commercial 132.6132.04.3030.793.4011 kVSSU14m X 6m
    6Commercial 23.4132.00.4490.790.35400 VDouble Chamber12m X 6m
    7Commercial 33.7132.00.4880.790.39400 VDouble Chamber12m X 6m
    8Commercial 49.6132.01.2670.791.00400 VDouble Chamber12m X 6m
    9Commercial 53132.00.3960.790.31400 VDouble Chamber12m X 6m
    10Telecom 13130.00.3901.000.39400 VDouble Chamber12m X 6m
    11Telecom 20.6130.00.0780.790.06400 VDouble Chamber12m X 6m
    12STP3.50.4251.000.43400 VDouble Chamber12m X 6m
    13Water Recycling Plant2.183.0001.003.0011 kVSSU14m X 6m
    14Street Lighting-0.1031.000.10400 V2 Single Chamber8m X 6m each

    Water (SAJ – Water Recycling Plant)

    Drainage & Sewerage

    Master plan Security Check Point Character Images
    Master plan Security Check Point on 40m Road
    Master plan Security Check Point on 30m Road

    Saleable GFA Analysis

    LotLeasable GFA (sqm)Leasable GFA (sqf)Lease price (RM)/month

    • Sqm to sqf 10.76

    • Leasing rate per sqf (RM) / per month 0.75

    • Leasing rate assumptions are made on industrial plots in Senai

    *Source: Multiple property investing reports and portal